The yuilop team is made up of mobile industry “experts and veterans” who are passionate about making yuilop one of the leading social networking services in Europe. The company’s headquarters are located in Barcelona and Murcia in Spain. yuilop has30 employees and is currently hiring in the departments software development, marketing, telecom & finances and mobile advertising. The latest job offers are posted here: The startup was founded by Jochen Doppelhammer who was previously successful in launching KPN und simyo on the Spanish mobile market.

Screenshots of the yuilop iPhone app
Screenshots of the yuilop iPhone app

The yuilop Team

In May 2012 yuilop closed a 4.5 million Euro ($6M) Series A round led by Hamburg-based Shortcut Ventures, and co-investors, the Russian VC BrightCapital (part of RU.COM) and private telecom investor Bruno Ducharme, as well as continued participation of existing investor Nauta Capital.

Screenshots of the yuilop iPhone app

Screenshots of the yuilop iPhone App

Yuilop is a mobile, app-based, free-to-all-communications service that allows users to communicate from any connected device with any phone, phone number and all their friends. Users will be able to send and receive unlimited SMS/texts and calls free of charge. Yuilop is available for all major platforms, guaranteeing absolute freedom of communication. The service was first launched in Germany in 2011, becoming the number one free social networking app in the iOS App Store, and shortly thereafter expanding to Spain, where it is on course to achieve the same success.

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