As the largest online TV channel in Germany, Mediakraft offers new programs to the millennial audience. Mediakraft Networks GmbH was founded in November 2011 and was able to acquire over 120 partner channels within the first year. Mediakraft Networks is always looking for new channels to partner with. The headquarters are located in Cologne.

Mediakraft is a union of the best German video makers on the Internet. In December, Mediakraft received a seven digit capital investment from Shortcut Ventures. Along with Shortcut Ventures’ Martin Ostermayer, Ynon Kreiz, the former head of Endemol, and Martin Borowski, former CEO of Sony Pictures GmbH will be part of the newly formed Mediakraft Holding Council.

Through distribution platforms such as Youtube, Clipfish, or SnackTV, Mediakraft Networks’ shows reach over 8,5 million unique visitors. Some of the most widely spread online channels, such as “Daaruum” and “Y-Titty”, are included in the multi-channel network’s portfolio. The network’s programs are geared towards an audience ranging from 14 to 29 years in age via online and mobile distribution channels. Thereby the channel has been able to reach 45% of its target, resulting Mediakraft Network GmbH becoming the number one German online entertainment channel.

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