What we do

We invest our passion and energy, not just capital – our aim is to develop business models to the point where they are fully matured and reached their full potential. Numerous challenges and opportunities lie on the road to success in business. It is essential to make the right strategic decisions, to keep asking questions and developing your business idea. We, therefore, offer not only capital but also comprehensive support and advice as well as our genuine interest in your path from being a founder to becoming an entrepreneur.

The team is the key – Shortcut is a team and that is how we operate – providing founders access to the combined expertise of three serial entrepreneurs. We know how to get a company started. The secret of our success has always been to discuss key decisions as a team and to challenge each other to identify the best solution. We want to keep it this way in our work as VCs. We also know from our own experience how to successfully run a company, even in rough times. We are happy to pass on this know-how to our portfolio companies.

Said and done – we believe in openness and transparency. Face-to-face communication and quick, informal exchange of information are vital elements of a successful cooperation. Since we know how precious time is for founders we are uncomplicated and quick. A young company demands a high level of commitment and the undivided attention of its leaders. We, therefore, speak a clear language that you can trust and rely on.